Dry Aged Iowa Farm Raised Beef
From Our Family to Yours

Our Farm.

  • Located 15 miles west of the Quad Cities, Sievers Family Farms owns the largest custom cattle feeding operation in Scott County.  Using state of the art feedlot facilities, Sievers Family Farms has partnered with Glenora Feed Yard, and we currently house approximately 2,444 head of cattle.
  • Glenora Feed Yard was established in March 1991 with the use of outdoor feedlots to feed out 500 cattle per year. On August 2, 2011 Glenora Feed Yard began operations in Barn #1 of a four barn mono-slope cattle confinement system for finishing both company-owned cattle as well as custom-fed cattle for others.  As of January 10, 2012 Barn #2 has begun operations.  
  • The one-time capacity of the proposed barns is 4,888 head.  Each barn will house approximately 1,222 head and will be a combination of a bedded pack using ground corn cobs and slatted floors for the liquid effluent. Each of the barns dimensions are 90’ wide by 700’ long.